A downloadable game for Windows

Help a ghost across an endless landscape by collecting strange masks, the masks let you keep going but also they alter the world around you and if you wear the same one for too long it means a game over!

It's up to you to decide if you should risk waiting for less dangerous masks to appear or to collect every one you see to make sure you don't run out of time. See how long you can go and aim for a high score!

Credit for the music goes to the amazing Jean-Marc!

Z - Jump / Accept
X - Slow Down

  • Blank: No Effect, consider it a freebie to boost your time!
  • Break: The stage will begin to break apart at random.
  • Thorn: Bushes will grow deadly thorns!
  • Float: Fans will push you upward to mess up your jumping.
  • Speed: Gives you a huge speed boost, but be careful when you switch masks!


GhostRun.exe 2 MB


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This looks cool. Takes me back to my first Game Boy experiences

Great game :-)